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Testing Equipment

Write to to contact manufacturers of plastic testing equipments and machinery for testing of plastic products. Source MFI tester, tensile testing machines, UTM, universal tensile and compression testing machines, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, coefficient of friction tester for testing of plastics. Manufacturers of test machines, equipment for testing plastic pipes and plastic films, leakage, optical, mechanical and electrical properties of plastics products.

Testing Equipment for Plastic

Chemical and Composition Analysis  Colour And Gloss Testing 
Electrical Properties  Friction Abrasion Tester 
Hardness (Rockwell, Shore,Ball Indentation)  Haze And Opacity Testing 
Impact (Izod, Falling Dart)   Leak Testing Equipment 
Melt Pressure Transducers - Gauges  Permeability Test  
Rheological Properties  Surface Inspection 
Tear, Shear, Peel Strength   Tensile, Compression Testing Machine 
Testing Equipment Others  Testing for Films 
Testing of Pipes and Laminates  Thermal Properties 
Thickness Gauge (On-Line)  Weathering and ESCR Testing Chambers