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Plastic Products
If you are searching for finished plastic products, plastic household goods, manufacturers of engineering plastic components or other plastic processors then click on a suitable link below
Garden Hoses, pipes, Sprinklers, laterals for Agriculture, Drip Irrigation
Plastic body, fans for Electrical and Electronic Appliances and White Goods
PTFE, PEEK, Bellows, Gaskets, Belts O Rings, Seals and other engineering plastic components
Zip Lock Bags, Shopping Bags, Biodegradable Bags, Grocery Bags, T Shirt Bags, Bags on Roll, Garbage Bags and other Plastic Bags
Plastic Packaging Products including Woven Sacks, Bottles for Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Caps and Closures, Crates, Pouches, Sprayers, Drums, Plastic Jars and Containers, Shrink Packaging Sleeves and Labels, Pallets
Plastic Houseware and Kitchenware products and goods including plastic buckets, bowls, storage boxes, air tight food containers, leak proof containers, Jugs and Glasses, Dust Bins, Insulated Thermoware, flasks, plastic trays, Laundry baskets, Stands, crockery etc.