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Moulds and Dies
We have large numbers of used plastics injection moulds including molds for crates, packaging containers, chairs, plastic furniture
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Injection Moulding Dies for Plastic Furniture including Chairs, stools, trolleys, tables
Injection Molding Moulds for Crates
Used and New Moulds and Tools for Household and Plastic Kitchenware, food storage and packaging
Plastic Mould and Die Manufacturers equipped with CAD / CAM software and CNC Machines for Industrial Moulds
Plastic Blow Moulding Dies
Dies for Extrusion including T dies for films, spiders and spiral dies for blown plastic films, rotating dies, air rings
Hot Runner Injection Moulding Systems and Dies
Moulds for Rotational Moulding of Plastic Tanks, Play Equipment, Road Signage
Other Plastic Mould and Dyes