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Manufacturers of post production plastic machinery. Equipment for further and down stream processing of plastic extruded, plastic moulded, blown plastic products.

Post Production Plastic Machinery

Automatic Trimming Equipment   Bag and Sack Filling Equipment   Bag Making and Sealing Machines  
Bag Making Machine - Side Cutting and Sealing   Bag Making Machine - Specialty Bags   Bag Making Machine - T Shirt Vest Type Bags  
Bag Making Machine Bottom Cutting and Sealing   Bag Making Machinery for Plastic Pouches   Bag Punching Machine and Dies  
Biaxial Orienting   Blister Forming Packing Machines   Bottle Caps Sealing Machines  
Braiding and Stranding   Buffing and Polishing Equipment   Calendering and Take-off System  
Calibration Equipment   Calibration Tables   Caps and Closures Processing Machines  
Circular / Flat Weaving Looms   Coating and Curing Machines   Corona Treaters  
Corrugators   Cutters - Cut to Length Cutting Equipment   Cutting and Stacking Equipment for Plastic Cups  
Cutting Machines for Plastic Sheets and Products   Deflashing Equipment   Downstream Equipment for Profiles and Pipes  
Dry and Wet Laminator   Eqpt for Mfg of Mono and Multifilaments, Ropes   Equipment for manufacturing Woven Sacks and FIBC Bags  
Extruded Netting Equipment   Extrusion Coating and Lamination   Fibrillating Equipment  
Foam Cutting Machine   Form Fill Seal Machines for Flexible Pouches   Forming Sealing Trimming Machines (FST)  
Friction welding   Gift Packing Machine   Heat Sealing Machines  
High Frequency Sealing   Hot Plate Welding   Nonwoven Manufacturing Equipment  
Packaging Lines   Packing Strapping Take-off   Perforating  
Pipe Belling Socketing Machine   Pipe Bending Equipment   Pipe Coiling Equipment  
Pipe Sealing Systems   Plastic Welding - Hot Air Welding   Plastic Welding - Ultrasonic Welding  
Preform Crystallizing Machine   Shrink Packing Equipment   Side Sealing Machine  
Skin Packaging   Slitters and Rewinders   Slotting Machine for U-PVC Pipe  
Spin Welding   Stacking Equipment for Plastic Cups, Bowls etc.   Stationery Fabrication Machine from Plastic Sheets  
Sterilizing Equipment   Stiching Sewing Equipment   Stretch Wrapping Equipment  
Surface Treater for Plastic Parts   Take Offs   Tension Controller  
Thermal Welding / Impulse Sealer   Tooth Brushes and Other Brushes Filling Equipment   Vacuum Sizing Tanks and Vacuum Equipment  
Web Guiding System   Web Viewing Equipment