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Contact suppliers of plastic masterbatches, universal plastic masterbatch, additives for plastics, additive masterbatches, chemicals, masterbatches, colour masterbatches, colourants and pigments for enhancing properties of plastic products.

Additives and Masterbatches for Plastics

Adhesive for Bonding Plastics   Air Release Agents   Alpha Methyl Styrene  
Anti Hydrolysis Agent   Anti Rodent Masterbatch   Anti-Fibrillating Agents Masterbatches  
Anti-foaming Agents   Antiblocking Agents Masterbatches   Antifogging Agents  
Antimicrobials Anti Bacterial Additives   AntiOxidants Additives and Masterbatch   Antislip Additive Masterbatch  
Antistatic Agents - Masterbatch   Blowing Agents   Calcium Carbonate  
Carbon Black and Black Masterbatch   Carbon Fibres   Catalysts (Curing Agents,Hardeners)  
Chemicals for Electroplating on Plastics   Clarifier   Cling Agents Additives and Masterbatch  
Color Masterbatches for Plastics   Colourants Pigments   Colourants, Special Effect Masterbatch and Pigments  
Conductive Compounds Masterbatches   Coupling Agents   Cross Linking Agents  
Degradability Additives Biodegradable Masterbatch   Desiccant Masterbatches   Dispersing Agents  
DOP   Emulsifier   Ethyl Benzene  
Fillers and Filler Masterbatches   Flame Retardants   Flattening Agents  
Flow Improvers   Fluorinated Intermediates   Foam Kickers  
Foam Processing Aids   Formaldehyde   Fragrances  
Fumaric Acid   Glass Fibres   Hexamine  
HTD-Modifiers   Impact Modifiers   Inks for Printing on Plastics  
Isocyanates   Liquid Colours and Masterbatches   Lubricants: External/Internal  
Masterbatch for Engineering Plastics   Masterbatch for Rotomoulding   Masterbatches for BOPP films  
Metal Deactivators/Chelators   Mould Relase Agents   Nucleating Agents Masterbatch  
Odor Scavenger and Odorant   Optical Brightner and Masterbatch   Organic Peroxide  
PET Masterbatches   Phathalic Anhydride   Phenol  
Pigments   Plasticizers   Polymer Additives  
Polyols   Processing Aids   Property Modifier Masterbatch and Additives  
Purging Compound   Rheology Modifiers   Slip Agents  
Smoke Suppressants   Specialized Coatings and Compounds   Stabilizers  
Stearates - Stearic Acid   Styrene   Surface-Active Agents  
Thixotropic thickners   Titanium Dioxide   Universal Plastic Masterbatches  
UV Stabilizer and Masterbatches   VCI - Corrosion Inhibitor Masterbatch   Viscosity Depressants  
Waxes   Wetting Agents   White Masterbatches  
White Pigments   XLPE Masterbatch